Armor Weight how I feel it should work

Alright so was discussing this on Discord. I think that armor, however it ends up being done in this game, should be better than other games.

So for example in Arm (Sorry most of my recent experience is Arm) armor has no skill, so if I wear X armor for one day, or X armor for five real life years of my characters life, I still am encumbered the same amount no matter what, it’s an absolute unshaking number.

I think armor should be more realistic.

So when I was in the military, I wore body armor all the time, both in my police work and in the field in shitty locals like Iraq. The first few weeks were uncomfortable and tedius, that would simulate my newness to the armor/gear. But after a few months and years of doing it, I hardly even noticed it, in fact I leveraged it in certain situations. IE: If you’re in a fist fight, you don’t really block your gut all that much when you’re wearing a trauma plate in your vest, go ahead and punch my steel plate!

How I’d like to see armor in this game is based off a skill.

So to keep it simple and something everyone is familiar with, at least in passing lets say hide/leather/metal armor is the thing (I know it’s not gonna be, but doing this for illustration).

Say you start play in hide, you play your character for years, wearing hide armor every day, fighting every day, moving every day etc. Lets say you get to 80 of 100 max points of hide armor. So on day one that hide armor was 25lbs of encumbrance weight but by the end lets say you’re only actually feeling 10lbs of encumbrance weight due to your skill wearing and maneuvering in hide armor.

This would make sense, both realistically and give people a reason to devote to one type of armor, or if we wanna get crazy, say you could wear different pieces of different armor on different areas for different percentage of training. (Metal chest protection earns you 25% of the experience as if you were wearing only metal armor. Having hide bracers on both your arms gives you 25% of hide etc etc however you want the math to work, I dunno, I’m an idea guy, not a math guy).

But I think this would be a cool way to handle it.

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Interesting approach. There are some MU*s which have armor use skillsets. COGG is one I can think of off the top of my head. Their wiki explains their armor use skillset as:

“The ability to wear and move freely and effectively in armor. [-] The higher the skill, the higher the chance to offset an armor piece’s hindrance penalties.”

So that’s one way to approach this. It doesn’t appear to differentiate between different forms of armor, but the game is still a work in progress, that may change. So you’d be penalized for wearing armor of any sort, but, that would lessen as you skill up by simply wearing it.

I fully agree with this. An approach would be to make it so that wearing armor or heavy equipment is actively detrimental to you to begin with, but the more you wear it / walk in it / work in it, the less this impact becomes.

Given the nature of the game, we’re bound to see spacesuits or heavy working attires, so it makes sense to apply to that as well. Could have different categories of armor you level up in by doing actions while in that armor.

I think so, I think that’s the best way for us to go about it, both realism-wise and code wise. Heavy impact at first lessening with experience.