Containers Wishlist

What features would you all like to see from containers?

I’m thinking we want a weighted capacity and weight on items, but do we also want volume? How do we want to limit what each container can take? Do we still want pockets?

Would love to hear some thoughts on the matter!

If you haven’t, also review this one:

I’m ambivalent in regards to pockets. I’d probably use them if they existed, but my heart wouldn’t be broken if they didn’t. I just hope they won’t make me have to type a bunch more :laughing:

As for volume, I would recommend sticking with a set list of sizes. Small, medium, large, etc. If a container or pocket in said container can hold items up to medium, then it can also hold small, tiny, etc.

It sounds, based on what many have been discussing, that pockets are not really a necessity.

Would a system that does size (tiny, small, etc) and weight suffice? And limiting containers by max size, max weight?

Another alternative is a system where each item has height, width, depth, and we can determine max volume and max single item volume. We could use the same system for determining human height too. Thoughts?

The latter option sounds too complex and I struggle to see what it would add to the gameplay experience.