Version 0.1.4 - Bodyparts, Hands & Inventories WIP

This week we have been working on bodyparts, hands and inventories.

  • Created bodyparts which are deleted when its owner is deleted if they are still attached.
  • Created grabbing bodyparts (hands).

This is a very short post since most of the updates were done in the Discord, but I would like to use this thread for discussion on this.

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Getting Things
Your character has a right hand and a left hand. Upon getting something, it will show you what hand is holding it.


If you type INVENTORY, it will list all the objects you are holding.


You can drop items that you are currently holding. This will only let you target items in your grabbable bodyparts.


This should now be streaming to Disord. Let’s see! In this case, it will stream both posts and replies.

We did some fixes to block you from picking stuff up if you have each hand occupied. Here is a sneak preview of it!