Wind Turbines as a Power Source

It would be cool if we had wind turbines that you can build, with vertical axis and horizontal axis, and different size, as a way to obtain energy.

One way you could implement this would be to have wind strength be stronger or weaker in locations, with some locations being more dangerous but more worth to deploy your power generating device there.

You’d find the place with the best wind strength, set up a wind turbine and then calibrate it appropriately. You could have this as some form of portable power module or some stationary, giant device that can power a facility.

Head to a known location and shove your battery into the turbine set up by someone before you. Or be sent out to fix the turbine in some dangerous location.

That would be interesting. What is an easy way that you think to do so that would not involve builders going through every room to set that?

Good question. If there is a height modifier or some form of indicator, you could link it to that. If not here’s an interesting way to do it: wind is a saturation-based resource.

What this means is that when you check the wind, it tells you how much there is based on how many things are consuming it in X rooms around you.

So if you set up a turbine in the wilderness that has no tile occupied by any turbine in, let’s say, 6 tiles around it, it would have maximum wind strenght.

But the more there are, the lower the output. Could tie the updating of it to the constructor/destructor for the turbine itself, so it updates the others it detects in its AOE and itself.

This way the builders don’t really influence it. Maybe at most you can have some modifier of ‘always max strength’ for some places, but this could work.

That’s a really fasinating solution! I love that. I want to tie the weather too to the wind, but with all o that it would probably work!

I posted this to keep it in the backlog whenever I am like ‘okay time to do energy’ and I really love your suggestion. Don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work like that.

Digging all of this.

I’ve seen MUDs pull real world weather data for their zones before. What you could do, if you wanted to get crazy, is create a separate server which would be your weather generator. It would have an API that the main game uses to pull weather data for the current location. This way, you could have truly dynamic weather systems that actually move across the world.